Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Got a few local concerts coming up in the next couple of weeks. Got a My Darkest Days show coming up down in Du Quoin at the fair down there. I'm taking the train down there. I'm excited to be seeing my boys again. These days I am just busy seeing my friends, working, doing a little travel here and there.

I'm just to a point where I am kinda tired of the internet. People are just so fake on here.. most of them just put faces on, and after awhile, you see their true selves. I've seen that many times and let me tell you, it gets old. A nice little break is what I need from Facebook and a few other sites. I will post once in awhile on here, but other than that, you may not see me else where for awhile.
Dear Heat,

Thank you for letting me sweat off calories, since I can't exercise in your extreme warmness. Thanks to you, I lost three pounds in a few days. So, keep up the good work. :P