Wednesday, June 26, 2013

August 14th

When I found out that they were coming here I must admit, I started to cry. Gonna be a freakin' awesome time!!! All I have to do is book the train and the hotel and then I am set. :) I will be taking a load of pictures at this show. I plan to be right in front row and center so I can be in front of Matt and close to Brad during 3DG ;D. I'm glad the train drops off about three blocks from the venue! Also there is a hotel just down the street. How awesome is that? :)
Also, not sure what I am going to pack yet. Hard to tell what the weather will be like then, just yet. Also thinking of buying some new pants or shorts for this great event. Not sure which 3DG shirt I should wear or if I should design a shirt for this show and have one made. I do know one thing, I will fix up my hair for this show. I have some gifts for Matt and of course he can share some of them with his brother! :) I just wanna make sure I make enough for him to last him at least a few days, so I know he is well taken care of 'cause I know they don't get much if any homemade food on the road. Anyway, I will post a bit more about this show when it gets closer to August. ;p

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stardog Champion

So, I am seeing Stardog Champion in September. Very excited. Not only am I seeing some of my favorite musicians up close & personal again, but it will be an early birthday show for me. :) I sent Nick a message to let him know I was coming. :) Here is a video from their first show as Stardog Champion and their first song performed ever. Enjoy!

Friday, June 14, 2013

What A True Quote

Haha. I had to make this into a quote image. Seriously thinking about having a shirt made out of this too, so I can wear it around and hopefully some of the 40's and up group of guys will get the drift that I have no interest in them. :P I have this one guy who is a customer at work (as you probably seen in a past post I wrote.) who seems to 'like' me and he must be at least in his 40's. Anyway, I treat all my customers especially my regulars who I've seen for the last going on 6 years, special. Anyway, his route changed back to coming through Champaign, so I have been seeing him more again lately, but thankfully I have been busy most of the time so all he could do was wave at me from afar. Although, yesterday, he was still there when I got off work, and started talking to me and asking me when we're going to go out and do something fun, my response was; you and I probably see fun as two different things. I've already told the guy in general that I'm not in looking to date anyone. He is definitely not my type and I have no interest in him like that. Anyway, I am beginning to feel that the more I know about this guy, the more I feel like he has ulterior motives. I have had this happen before, a few guys that were supposed to be friends and knew that is all I wanted to be with them were fine with it, then a few weeks later they started to push themselves on me for more and one was even trying to buy my love by having ulterior motives, paying for when ever we'd go out to eat or to a movie even when I told him numerous times that I want to pay my way and do not want him to pay for my dinner or movie. I don't mind if I am in relationship with someone if they offer to pay and we're out on a date, but otherwise, it's just weird for me. Anyway, I've smartened up a lot when it comes to people over the years. Because I know how most can be. Most are not out there to be good and true to people and are just out for themselves, so yes I am on guard when it comes to letting people into my life easily anymore. So if he becomes pushy I will not stand for it at all.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline LIVE with Matt Walst 2013 Saginaw Michigan

A video from earlier this year. Quite amazing.

Request Misery Loves My Company By Three Days Grace At Your Local Rock Station Now!!!

Request Misery Loves My Company By Three Days Grace At Your Local Rock Station Now!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Organization Is Fun

Organization is fun. I've had this CD rack on the left for at least 4 years and my CD collection wayyyy out grew it a long time ago. I've had to put my remaining CD's (plus CD's I've bought since then!)that would not fit on this shelf anymore in a box about a year ago. So yesterday I went out to a huge parking lot sale and found this awesome black shelf ( almost like the one I found last weekend for my DVD's!) So I put the CD's that were on the rack on it and put some regular DVD's that I had no room for on my other shelf & put some concert DVD's on the bottom shelf as well as some music bios/memoirs. Just need to find two more of these shelves and also find a larger bookcase with at least 3 - 5 shelves to organize my books, then I think I will be pretty well set! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I've been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for weeks

I picked up this poster of Kurt Cobain today at a garage sale for $1.00. They had several other rock posters for $1.00, too, that I did buy like Metallica and Kiss. But this one really struck me to take a picture of it as it is an awesome photograph. The raw black and white and the pose Cobain did is just excellent.