Wednesday, June 26, 2013

August 14th

When I found out that they were coming here I must admit, I started to cry. Gonna be a freakin' awesome time!!! All I have to do is book the train and the hotel and then I am set. :) I will be taking a load of pictures at this show. I plan to be right in front row and center so I can be in front of Matt and close to Brad during 3DG ;D. I'm glad the train drops off about three blocks from the venue! Also there is a hotel just down the street. How awesome is that? :)
Also, not sure what I am going to pack yet. Hard to tell what the weather will be like then, just yet. Also thinking of buying some new pants or shorts for this great event. Not sure which 3DG shirt I should wear or if I should design a shirt for this show and have one made. I do know one thing, I will fix up my hair for this show. I have some gifts for Matt and of course he can share some of them with his brother! :) I just wanna make sure I make enough for him to last him at least a few days, so I know he is well taken care of 'cause I know they don't get much if any homemade food on the road. Anyway, I will post a bit more about this show when it gets closer to August. ;p

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