Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pirates We Be

Well I did not wear my hat or eye patch most of the day, but this first picture is what it looks like complete.
And here is the second one with a little closer up shot.No hat or eye patch.
I had fun dressing up and putting this together. Went out to a movie and the store in it. Thinking of possibly being Poison Ivy next year if I can find a decent green outfit. Otherwise I'll come up with some other costume idea.

What More Can I Say?

I LOVE MY DARKEST DAYS! :D I had a shirt made that said "I ♥ MDD". When I was at the last concert wearing it, someone came up to me and asked me what it meant. I thought to myself; is he really asking me what my shirt meant at a My Darkest Days show? Well apparently he thought it meant Mothers Against Drunk Driving and he said he was sorry he misunderstood.