Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/27/08 Was amazing!

Got to meet Freddie again he was so nice hehe (BB's Tour Manager)
I thought some guy knocked the camera out of my mom's hand & Freddie helped look for it.
BB was great as usual!
Ben handed me a water & I got to touch him as he walked by a few times while he was handing out the water.

Got to meet Neil & Brad!
No Adzy this time though Sad
umm I was on the right side of the stage & Neil was watching BB preform & I started screaming Neil's name & he looked over at me & winked at me lol
then finally came over & I shook his hand & introduced myself & asked him if we could take a pic & he said yeah, make it quick.
So I got a pic with him.. I wanted to take more than one with him but I don't think he really wanted to be bothered

Like a half hour later Brad came out on the side of the stage & I was screaming out his name & he looked at me & I was like come here lol
he waved & put his index finger up meaning he will be over in a min. lol
then he came over I just about died we hugged & I asked him if he remembered me & he said yes & we chatted for a min & took a few pics.
I gave him a photo from Oct. 2 of me, him, & Adam & he thanked me for it & hugged me.

They were about to play in like 15 mins so he had to go get ready.
I told him I loved him before he walked away.

Did a great show as usual!
Adam really enjoys himself up on stage & I was so happy to see him again.
the setlist was the same as the other shows. Smiling
They are just so amazing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting things ready!

Well, it’s 12 midnight, just sitting here getting my cameras ready to go.. I have 8 pairs of batteries on the chargers now lol
Later tonight I am going to see Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace in Moline, IL
Getting a few gifts together too :)
I’m hoping I get to meet up with them hehe
Moline is about 150 miles from here so we are leaving around 9am so we can arrive in Moline a bit early to get a hotel & get by the buses lol
I have floor tickets for this show so I know I will get some good photos
And I’ll hopefully be able to get 3DG & BB’s attention lol so Hopefully they’ll see me & remember me.
So, I cannot wait to leave here & get there
Talk soon,
I'll be back sometime on Friday.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just my thoughts..

Some people use myspace to slander people either in their blogs, comments, messages or anything on there for that matter.

People put pictures of someone up there with out their consent & they put hateful things as the caption on the pictures.
I really think that it's very wrong to do any of this to someone.
I'm hoping someday, someone will complain enough to get this type of stuff off of myspace.
hopefully myspace will ban the slanderous users ISP addresses or something along that line.

Well hi there..

Let me tell ya all a little about me.
My name is Jackie.
Burnley is not my real last name, it's just a nick name :)
I live in Illinois.
My Favorite Bands Are Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace =)
Been loving these bands going on 6 years now.

I love going to concerts.
I love Music.
I love family.
I love Animals.
I love movies.
I love talking to my friends.
I love designing images.
I love taking photos.
I love enjoying life!

Things I Dislike.

People who hurt peoples feelings on purpose
Mean people
Disrespectful people

Well that's all I have to say for now.
Hope you enjoyed the post lol :)