Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/27/08 Was amazing!

Got to meet Freddie again he was so nice hehe (BB's Tour Manager)
I thought some guy knocked the camera out of my mom's hand & Freddie helped look for it.
BB was great as usual!
Ben handed me a water & I got to touch him as he walked by a few times while he was handing out the water.

Got to meet Neil & Brad!
No Adzy this time though Sad
umm I was on the right side of the stage & Neil was watching BB preform & I started screaming Neil's name & he looked over at me & winked at me lol
then finally came over & I shook his hand & introduced myself & asked him if we could take a pic & he said yeah, make it quick.
So I got a pic with him.. I wanted to take more than one with him but I don't think he really wanted to be bothered

Like a half hour later Brad came out on the side of the stage & I was screaming out his name & he looked at me & I was like come here lol
he waved & put his index finger up meaning he will be over in a min. lol
then he came over I just about died we hugged & I asked him if he remembered me & he said yes & we chatted for a min & took a few pics.
I gave him a photo from Oct. 2 of me, him, & Adam & he thanked me for it & hugged me.

They were about to play in like 15 mins so he had to go get ready.
I told him I loved him before he walked away.

Did a great show as usual!
Adam really enjoys himself up on stage & I was so happy to see him again.
the setlist was the same as the other shows. Smiling
They are just so amazing.

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