Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting things ready!

Well, it’s 12 midnight, just sitting here getting my cameras ready to go.. I have 8 pairs of batteries on the chargers now lol
Later tonight I am going to see Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace in Moline, IL
Getting a few gifts together too :)
I’m hoping I get to meet up with them hehe
Moline is about 150 miles from here so we are leaving around 9am so we can arrive in Moline a bit early to get a hotel & get by the buses lol
I have floor tickets for this show so I know I will get some good photos
And I’ll hopefully be able to get 3DG & BB’s attention lol so Hopefully they’ll see me & remember me.
So, I cannot wait to leave here & get there
Talk soon,
I'll be back sometime on Friday.

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