Sunday, June 9, 2013

Organization Is Fun

Organization is fun. I've had this CD rack on the left for at least 4 years and my CD collection wayyyy out grew it a long time ago. I've had to put my remaining CD's (plus CD's I've bought since then!)that would not fit on this shelf anymore in a box about a year ago. So yesterday I went out to a huge parking lot sale and found this awesome black shelf ( almost like the one I found last weekend for my DVD's!) So I put the CD's that were on the rack on it and put some regular DVD's that I had no room for on my other shelf & put some concert DVD's on the bottom shelf as well as some music bios/memoirs. Just need to find two more of these shelves and also find a larger bookcase with at least 3 - 5 shelves to organize my books, then I think I will be pretty well set! :)

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