Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stevie and I went to Texas Roadhouse, the Indianapolis zoo, and he even sat through Mockingjay part 2 with me lol...it was his first time seeing any of the Hunger Games movies and he couldn't understand the movie lol. He said he wanted to go see it with me cause it would make me happy :P. WE had such a good time last weekend and I can't wait to get on the bus to Cincinnati, OH to spend 4 days of my vacation with him starting on the 16th. :) We're gonna have so much fun. He's picking me up from the bus station at like 10:30pm at night :P We are going to celebrate Christmas during our 4 days together. He will be so surprised on what I got him :). Annette gave me some ideas on themes for picture taking 'cause she wants us to get some professional type pictures with mine and Stevie's cameras and she said she wants prints, so I told Stevie let's find some parks in Ohio to get some pictures taken. I will be in a dress in these pictures so this will be interesting lol. I told Stevie to dress up :P. I'm glad everyone that has met him at work, love him and my dad likes him which is awesome too lol. I told Stevie that when I stay with him for four days that I'm cooking all the meals for us lol. How exciting. I will be sure to post a bit about my trip when I come back!