Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stir Fry O___O

Well, Today I did my first stir fry for my family.
I put multi colored Peppers in it, Fresh Mushrooms, & Shrimp.
fried it for about 15 mins.
I love cooking.
I saved the seeds from the Peppers, because I'm plant a Pepper garden :)
This is how the Stir fry looked when I first put it all in the pan :D

This is how is looked when it was all cooked & ready to come out of the pan & ready to eat :D

Tasted quite good, My family really enjoyed it.

Yesterday evening I made Rotini & Tomato Sauce for my Dad, & he said that I am really becoming a gourmet cook :)
I have always enjoyed cooking for my family, i have been cooking since I was 7.

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