Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Is What Went On In The Illinois Brewing Company

10/02/07 :)
One of the best nights of my life!

Benjamin Jackson Burnley & I!
He looked like Clark Kent for awhile last year haha. :)
What a dream come true this night was!
Ben & I with the Star Wars shirt I gave him. :)
He loved it! He said, he couldn't wait to try it on.
These photos were taken by Rhiannon.

Aaron Fink & I-
What can I say?? The man is gorgeous! :)
Rhiannon went to go get him since he was on the other side of the bar.
I about died when he came over by me. He was sooo sweet.
He hugged me & told me happy birthday. I was with him for like 15 mins.
I got two hugs from him. :)
He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met.
Rhiannon took this photo :)

Rhiannon & I at The Illinois Brewing company. Rhiannon took this photo.

I saw Rhiannon & Dawn on the side of the stage while BB was playing & they said they saw me & told each other I looked familiar. They realized I was from Myspace. :P

The Dawn & I-
Photo taken by Mark James of Breaking Benjamin.

I have more pictures. You can see them on my Myspace.

I met all of Breaking Benjamin that night. :-)
I saw Shaun Morgan from Seether in there also, he had a pool cube & when I turned around to go by him he was gone. He must have went on to the other side of the bar which I wasn't going to run around looking for him in a big bar. LOL.
But that was okay, I got to meet him almost a year later.
It was such a great night!
This is just what went on in Illinois Brewing Company.