Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you use e-mail often? Sometimes.

Do you hear any animals right now? No.

Is it rainy where you're at right now? No.

Do you like to wear gloves? Yeah.

What is the creepiest bug you've ever saw? preying Mantis type of thing. Eeek.

Do you like Batman? Yes. :)

Have you ever played tennis? Many years ago

What are you sitting on? Computer chair.

What is the last warm thing you touched? Paul.

Do you use Netflix? No.

What kind of hoodie did you last wear? My Transformers one :)

Do you play games on your computer? Yes =)

What is the last video game that you played? Crazy Taxi.

Are you logged into Myspace right now? Nope. Myspace, is getting more boring everyday.

When is the last time you ate a Hershey Kiss? It's been a long while.

Who is the last baby you held? Little David xD

Do you use smileys often in text convos? Yes =)

Do you have the Google toolbar on your computer? Yep.

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