Sunday, January 25, 2009


What's the craziest color you've painted your nails? Green?

What's your favorite soda? Don't drink much soda. When I do, it's usually Dr. pepper or Sierra Mist.

Would you rather be freezing or extremely warm? Extremely warm!

What does your alarm clock look like? Jack Sparrow.

Do you enjoy singing? I do.

Do you belong to any clubs? One fan club. :)

Do you take surveys too often? Haha at times :P

What country do you live in? US of A

Do you have a popup blocker? Yeppers.

Vista or XP? XP

Do you like Katy Perry? No.. I met her at Warped tour last year.. She lied to me :p

Have you read the sisterhood of the traveling pants? No.

What phrase or smiley face do you over use? :p

Do you dislike when people randomly type in CAPS? I don't care.

Ever heard of Jessica Andrews? Yup.

Have you noticed that some people write the most boring blogs EVER? I have! They have nothing decent to say. Some people just write a bunch of "stories" that are not true in their blogs, that nobody wants to read.

What are you doing after this survey? Organizing my clothes.

What's the last thing you googled? AFX (cancer)

What's the most money you've ever had on you? $ 600.00. I just cashed my check.

Favorite font? Georgia

Ever been to the dentist? Yup, many times! I haven't had any cavities in over 3 years! I take good care of my teeth!

Favorite color of a flower? Purple or red :D

Do you take pictures of yourself? Yep.

Do you like Milk? Skim milk :P

Do you make your bed? Sometimes :D

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