Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where did you get the shirt your wearing right now?
Wal Mart

Where did you last sleep other than your house?

Is there drama in your life right now?
Nope. :)

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?

Do you wish someone was with you right now?
Yeah :-P

Last text from who?
Cell phone company

Whats your main background on your cellular device?
That black cat that lives with me. :)

Do you feel awkward when strangers say hi to you?
Nope. Seems like everyone says hi to me out here.

How did you and your number 2 become friends?
It's a long story :)

Have you held hands with anyone in the past week? Nope.

What color shirt are you wearing?

Ever go camping?

What are you listening to right now?
The TV

What is your mood?

Do you like meeting new people?
Yup :)

Does anything hurt on your body?
Nope. tomorrow something will though.

Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
Warm :D

Are you happy with life?
Indeed so.

What are you about to go do?
watch Scrubs & Frasier :)

1 comment:

Saima said...

Scrubs & Frasier

awsm cant think of a better watch!! =p