Monday, April 6, 2009

Nothing new really going on. I got my taxes done today. I am getting a refund sent to my bank account in two weeks. I think I'll save it for some concerts. :)
Yesterday I went for a walk & went over to see Sarah for a bit. We had a good time. :)
We are going to start walking once a week together if we can. If our busy schedules will let us. :) I know we will get together & walk sometimes. I know that for sure. How much fun we will have!

I should be receiving my band merch this week sometime. I sent it in around March 20th.
They had a $5.00 blowout sale... So I could not pass it up! I am also awaiting on my "Earring Magic Midge" doll. They should receive the money order by tomorrow.
I'll be pretty busy the rest of the week. Hopefully I'll get a break next week! So I can continue walking at least three times a week outdoors. :)

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