Saturday, May 2, 2009

How are you today? Dandy as candy!

What did you do last night? Went to Wal Mart...

What kind of iPod do you have? iPod nano =D

What's your favorite kind of gum? Orbit "winter mint"

Have you been to any concerts? If so, which ones? Over 20. Too many to mention. :O

Do you have your own computer? Yup.

Where is your mom right now? Here.

Your dad? Here.

Are you okay with when your birthday is? Uh huh.

What time is it right now? 9:50pm

Do you have a low self-esteem? Nope.

Do you like to run? Yep.

Have you ever ran with scissors? Nopers.

What do you usually get at McDonald's? Two grilled chicken honey mustard snack wraps & a parfait. : )

What are you excited for? Dr. Who!!! He's coming on at 10:30!!!!! Less than an hour!!!!! :D

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