Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long One :-)

Do you know someone famous? Yep, quite a few people. :)

how many clocks are in your house? Six maybe?

newest item of clothing bought? Batman pants. :D

are you currently in a relationship? Not at the moment. I think I will be in one soon though. :)

best gift you've ever been given? My pets & of course my dearest friendship with Sarah!

how far away does your closest friend live? 6 or 7 blocks or so.

what's the last video you viewed online? Linkin Park - Papercut :)

have you ever illegally downloaded music? Nope.

do you have a calendar in your room? The Dark Knight. :)

scented or plain candles? Scented :)

do you have msn? Yup.

facebook? Yup.

bebo? Not anymore.

myspace? Yup.

when do you want to be married by? 30ish

how old will you be in 5 years? 24 o.o

are you gonna get a summer job? Already have a job. :)

how many pairs of shoes do you have? 4.

been for a walk lasting longer than 3 hours? Yeah. I go out for walks around town three times a week.

ever seen a wishing well? Yes.

do you like rainbows? They're pretty!

Did you like The Dark Knight or do you think it was overrated? I loved it!

last time you felt ill? June 5th. Thank the lord it was only a UTI & not my appendix!

how many children do you want? Up to 5 :)

have you thought of names for your children? Yeppers.

what are you doing tomorrow? Working! :)

having a nice day? Yep!

What did you think of the last movie you saw? Gran Torino was good, but, I am getting tired of watching it over & over again lol.

Do you know the song "Comatose" by Skillet? [It's really good] MMhmm one of my favorite bands/songs! :)

does anyone leave the toilet seat up at your place ? Dad does lol.

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