Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do I bother to keep Myspace anymore? One of the few reasons I keep my two accounts is because 1. I have one relative I talk to almost everyday. 2. Because of a few bands 3. Only way to communicate with Rhiannon. The other few friends I talk to on there I can speak to in an email pretty much. I first got Myspace back in September of 2006. I enjoyed coming on the site every day & talking to people, but now you see no one really talks to each other. All they want is a high friend count & don't care to talk. Some days I wonder why I even bother logging in.

I have one account on Myspace that I sent at least 25 requests over the past 4 months for them to delete it, but no they will not delete it. What can I do? The reason why I deleted that account was because this one person created a fake account with someone else's photos & kept bothering me. The person stole someone else's identity. Don't they know they could go to jail for that? I took screenshots of everything + the Ip address matched the person I thought it was. Just in case it happens again, I got proof! Anyway, I just wish that Myspace would delete that one account already.

Coming up in November we are going to downtown Chicago on a bus! I'm excited. The Chicago place mall is where we are going to be dropped off by. It's supposed to be seven floors of stores & food places. Gonna take lots of pics for sure. We are going to be only a few blocks from the "Willis Tower". Which was called the "Sears Tower".
How exciting it will be to be downtown! :)

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