Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rest In Peace Holly :(

A dear lady I knew for two years has been murdered. :( :(
She always came into where I work & I'd see her where she worked all the time & we'd talk. I knew her when she was pregnant with her daughter. We'd talk about her baby all the time. I used to work with her ex & she would come in to see him then we would chat. She was always so kind & polite.

I just saw her last week. I can't believe she is gone. She left behind a one year old daughter. Holly, her daughter, & her mom would come into where I work at least twice a week & I'd see her in drive thru all the time.

I'll always remember you Holly. Thank you for being so kind to me & being such a wonderful soul.

MAHOMET--22 year old Holly Cassano was found dead in her home in Candlewood Estates. Officers are asking for help to find who's behind the crime. Investigators say the killer may have cuts or scratches from what happened. They want people to be on the lookout for anything suspicious to find this killer. Cassano was last seen leaving her job at Meijer around 10:30 Sunday night Her body was found by a family member Monday morning. Officers are interviewing anyone who knew Cassano and looking for clues. "We're trying to do what we call a victimology, background we're trying to talk to everyone that knew here to get an idea of what she was all about [and] what kind of a person she was," said Lt. Ed. Ogle. Investigators say Cassano did have problems with an ex-boyfriend. They would not comment beyond that. There are no suspects at this point. Deputies are still searching for answers.

MAHOMET- Holly Cassano worked at Meijer and until recently also worked at Bob Evans in Champaign. Her co-workers joked that they'd call her the "podium princess". She was a hostess at the restaurant and all of the customers loved her.
The people that knew her say there's one thing that mattered to her the most.
"She just cared about her daughter so much it seemed like whenever she came up here it was her daughter that was her whole thing," said co-worker, Brad Lytruelove.
Her daughter was not home at the time of the crime. She's staying with family now. Investigators are not saying if this was a random act or may have had a connection to Cassano. People that knew her say it just doesn't seem possible something like this could happen to someone like her.

We should learn more on how a Mahomet Mom was killed. An autopy is set for today. Champaign County Deputies are looking for who killed Holly Cassano. The 22 year old was found dead in her home on Dupage Street Monday.
A family member found Cassano's body yesterday morning. She has a one year old daughter who was not home at the time
Neighbors in the area can't believe it. They say nothing like this has ever happened here. It has people completely shaken up. Deputies say the investigation is far from over.
Stay with WCIA 3 News for the latest on this developing story.

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