Monday, March 25, 2013

The Only Person I Would Think Of Dating That Is Twice My Age Is John Cusack LOL :P

Seriously though, there is a UPS man that likes me that comes into my work place. See he has been a regular for almost as long as I have been working there. I am starting to think that no one has ever really treated him with kindness or at least not too many people have. One of my co workers thinks that he might feel that I ‘like’ him which I don’t. Good customer service and valuing customers is important to me. If the guy really knew me, he’d know that I like to joke around with my regular customers and outside of work, I like to joke around and just be good to people. I sit down with quite a few regulars either before/after work or even on my break. So if he thinks I am treating only him special, no I am not. I got to know a bit about the guy by talking to him and well, he seems like he is really depressed with some of the things he had said sometimes. He builds up racing cars in his spare time and seems to spend a lot of money on it and he would go on and on with how much this part or that part would cost and it would seem that he has a spending problem since he said he spent almost $10,000 on building the current car. He said, he might as well spend the money while he’s got it. We have nothing in common anyway plus he is at least twice my age and I had no and have no interest in dating the guy anyway. To make a long story short, he gave me his number as he said; ” to send me a text every now and then to keep me updated on your job hunt.” Which I didn’t think anything of at the time. But over the last month/month and a half, the guy is starting to come on strong and it’s really starting to bother me because I’ll get a text from him saying ” Hi Jackie, I’m sitting here having a hot fudge sundae and I wish you were sitting here to talk to.” And just the other day I told him I was going to be busy going to a wedding and then he replies; “I bet you will be the prettiest girl at the wedding.” That made me feel so awkward really. I replied to him and told him; no, the bride will be. And then he was like ” did you not like it that I said you were pretty?” I told him I was not offended by him telling me that, but I am sure he could tell I thought it was weird. Seriously it is going to be awkward if I see him come in to my work place next week, at least for me it will be because of the comment he made. My phone goes off tonight and I am not getting a phone card until I feel like it. So thankfully I will have a much needed break from the UPS man texting me or trying to call me. My phone is not my life anyway, my friends can contact me through Facebook or email if needed. If I see him come in this week at work and he makes some “comments” I am just going to tell him that he is making me feel uncomfortable. If he does not respect how I feel, well, it’s too bad for him.. Those who do know me know that my heart belongs to my bands and also know that if I ever get into a relationship again that the guy has to love rock music and concerts! Otherwise there would be no point in getting into a relationship with the person because you both have to have something in common that you both love and have a passion for. I know God has the right guy out there for me somewhere. Sometimes I think maybe I already know him and it will just take time for a relationship to form. Time will tell I guess. I do have some good guy friends and one good true friend that is a girl who lives about 40 miles from me. Sometimes friends is just all we need for now.

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