Sunday, April 7, 2013

I said a couple years ago when I get a bike I'd ride up to Moraine State View Park. Well, I found a good deal on a bike yesterday and picked it up and earlier today, I rode it up to Moraine State View Park. A beautiful 70 degree day today here. It was a long six miles getting there due to a lot of hills, so I had to walk it up some of the hills, but the six miles getting back was a breeze. I got a little sunburned on my arms! This early. This is one of my homes away from home. I have many good memories here from my first date trail walking here to trail walking with good friends and also having a cookout one summer with my friends and their babies. Life is beautiful.We all have ups and downs and get through them with God, music, family, and good friends. There are times when I don't feel appreciated after all I do for some people. But that is life sometimes. Don't take one day, one good friend for granted. Cherish the time and the memories you have. Also, don't dwell on all the bad times because it will only make you feel bad and keep you from really having much happiness. Only try and mention them when you are telling someone your experience and what you learned from them.

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