Thursday, June 12, 2008

Randomness Survey..

Tell Us About Your Day

What time did you get up today? I think around 8:30am.

What did you eat for breakfast? Breakfast burritos.

How's the weather? Windy & warm.

Who called you first today? Nobody.

What's for supper? Went to Dairy Queen.

The last time . . .

you ate a hamburger? Had a double cheeseburger from Dairy Queen does that count? lol. ;)

danced in public? It was almost 3 years ago at David & Sarah's wedding reception.

threw up? It's been a few years I think.

bought something? Today.

took a shower? Like an hour ago.

broke something? I broke a Christmas ornament earlier by mistake.

What was . . .

the last thing you put in your mouth? Mountain blast powerade

the last car you were in? Our van.

the reason you last got flowers? It was Valentine's Day...

your last vacation? March 27th, 08. Went to Moline to see Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace! :]

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