Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's been awhile.

Well, It's been awhile since I last blogged on here.
I was browsing YouTube & found some videos from the concert I attended with my family on July 1st. in St Louis.
The concert was "The Van's Warped Tour". This was the third Warped Tour I attended.

Relient K. This was my 4th time seeing them. Real good show.
This was the first band I saw that day.
Relient K " Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"

Was way on the front left for Story Of The Year. Had a real good view of them.
They put on a good show.
I saw them once before almost 4 years ago.

Story Of The Year - "Wake Up".

Paramore. O__O
My first time seeing them. They were very awesome live! :)
I remember seeing that man with the flag. Whoever taped this must have been in front of us.
A clip of Paramore doing " Born For This"

I took many pictures at the concert. I won't post them here because I know alot of people steal concert photos online & say that they took the pictures when they really didn't. O_O

The next day on the way home, we went to eat at " Lion's Choice".
Next to Wendy's, they have the best fries. LOL. =D

Always a great time in St. Louis.

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Sarah Jane Meister said...

Yum. That last picture looks SOOOOO delicious!!

I tried to email you on Myspace but for some reason the site is down right now. :( And I lost your other email address when the computer crashed a few weeks ago.

Thanks for informing me about that. I reported it to abuse and I also did end up calling the police because we kept getting stalked - you'd think that once we had moved that would be the end of everything. The officer said something interesting to me. He said he expected something like that to happen and he also said that everyone on the police force knows who "they" are and will be keeping an eye out for them. Also to let him know if they do anything else. So I feel better about that. At least we know we aren't crazy; other people know these folks are dangerous!!!
Hope you have a great night, ttyl,