Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Talk.

Went grocery shopping yesterday. I went down the baking isle & I saw strawberry cake mix! I was gonna buy it, but decided not to since it's to hot to have the oven on for over an hour these days. When the weather cools down I'd like to get into baking cakes again. Seems like my hobby these days is just being outside enjoying the summer & taking photos. Yesterday evening we went out to Sarku Japan.
A very good Japanese fast food place in the Marketplace mall in Champaign. The best dish there is their yummy Chicken Teriyaki combo. They give you alot of food there for your money. One dish is enough for two people! LOL. Check the place out if you have one in your area!
I hope I receive my Heath Ledger action figure in the mail soon. I won it off of Ebay last week.

Not doing much tonight, just kicking back & relaxing.

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