Monday, September 29, 2008

Concert & Randomess Talk.

So, I have some things to post about. Been busy these past few weeks so, it was kinda hard to update.

I was browsing through the Teresa dolls on eBay earlier this month & I finally found the one I had & still have since I was a younger girl. The one I had since I was a younger girl is kind of worn out, but still in in ok shape. So, I put a bid on it & won the bid! Yay! I was excited.
Finally, after a few years of searching of trying to find out the name of the Teresa doll I finally know. :)
I am glad I have it. :)

Sept. 21st. We went to Peoria for the Seether, Saving Abel & State Of Shock concert.
We were in front row for the whole show!
I have never heard of State Of Shock before the concert was announced. They put on a great show! Mom said, that the lead sing looked like Adam.. But to me he really did not look like him LOL.
Saving Abel was pretty good. The singer, Jared jumped off the stage & ran past the crowd touching hands & I got to touch his hands. LOL
It was my 5th Seether show within a year! They rocked the show like always.
Almost caught a guitar pic from Troy. Nobody caught it because it fell somewhere close.
I would go on & on about the show but, it would be to long on here lol. So, after the show we went by the tour bus area. We waited out there for like an hour then, Dale from Seether came out! :)
Signed autographs for everybody & took pictures with everyone! He was nice! :)

Dale & I
Then, Troy & John came out I was like oh my gosh I can't believe it. They were chatting with the fans, taking pics with them & also signing things for them! :)
I got to chat with them for a few minutes.

John & I

Troy & I

Shaun came out, too! It was awesome finally after six years I got to meet Seether! Yay!
I got to talk to Shaun for a few mins also. :) He signed my ticket.
He was really nice. I got a hug from him too. :)

Shaun & I

I took a couple of pictures with each member. I feel that my life is almost complete now. :)
Oh, what a wonderful feeling it is to meet one of your favorite bands! :)

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