Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some Newest Additions To The Family & More. :O

Four babies & mommy :) Gosh, the little ones are such stinkers lol.
These babies were born about a few weeks ago. I can't wait to see what colors they turn out to be.

These here are Rainbow's great grandchildren. The cinnamon blue one reminds me so much of the bird I used to have named "Zork" He's got the same colors & the same dot on the back of his little head. :) His mother & father had 3 babies this time.
This one here looks just like his great grandfather. They are just so darling.

We bought Rainbow from the pet store back on March 27th, 2000. He passed away Oct. 15th, 2003. It felt like we had him longer than that though. He was my angel. I used to pretend to have a bird in my hand & he would always fly down on my hand & when he saw there was no bird in my hand sometimes he would fly away. But he always fell for it LOL. I miss him so much but I know someday I will see my little Rain again.

His son Rainbow Jr. Born May 12th, 2001. Still living & well! :) We just call him Jr pretty much lol.
Jr's son & daughter Rainbow & Bullwinkle. Jr's sister was named Bullwinkle. We got rid of her though. She was a mean bird lol. We named this one Bullwinkle because it looks just like her except the other Bullwinkle was blue. This Bullwinkle is a sweet bird :) As you can see Rainbow the 3rd looks just like his grandfather Rainbow. :)

This little guy is Jr's other daughter's son. He looks just like his great grandpa doesn't he? :)
Well, now you know some of the history of the Rainbow family :)

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