Thursday, April 23, 2009

I picked out some boy names -


Girl names -

It's odd for me to think of children's names right now, but I guess you can say I am prepared for someday. Haha :)
If I am able to have children, I would have my Mom & Dad there with me from day one. I could never leave my Mom & Dad out of my child's life.
It would be important to me for my kids to have them in their life. Hopefully Grandma will still be alive to see my children.
Lately, I have been thinking about my future. A lot of people come and go from our lives. The family & close friends I have in my life right now, I see them in my life til I am old & gray.

A few of my online friends come to me for advice with their troubles & I help them through it. Belinda tells me I help her so much with the advice I give her.
I have known her well over a year now. She lives near St. Louis. We were talking about meeting up next concert I am going to at the Verizon. That would be nice to see her. I know she is a real person.

There are some people online who are dangerous. Some create fake accounts on web sites like Myspace & pretend to be someone else when they really aren't. They steal people's pictures & use it on their profile. Don't they know it's a crime? It's against the law to steal someone else's picture and to put it on your page pretending to be them. I just don't understand why people steal someones identity.

Anyway, I bought a few figures off of eBay and I will show them once I receive them.
I should be receiving one by Saturday & the other one next week sometime.

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