Monday, April 27, 2009

Haven't Done One Of These In Awhile!

Do you own a digital camera? Yes, indeed!

What's your status on Twitter? Something about getting a hair cut!

Would you be happier if you were the opposite gender? Noooo.

Quick! Your house is burning down! What's the one thing you grab? Paul.

What's the best decade of music? 80's90's & now :)

Are you one of those people who always rants about the mainstream? Nope.

Name a movie that you regret paying for, or going to see. Watchmen.. Gosh that was horrible. Thankfully they let us see another movie!

Are you too lazy to read books? Nope. I read them whenever I get the chance.

Are you currently wearing any jewelery? No.

Who are(is) your hero(s)? I have quite a few. :)

Do social situations make you nervous? No.

Are toe rings cute or gross? I don't like them.

Do you think guys with long hair are attractive, or do you prefer cleancut? I like short hair.

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? When? What did you do? Nope.

Do you know how to sew/knit/crochet? I know how to sew doll clothes & make quilts. That's about it. LOL.

Do you like Cracker Barrel? I love their broccoli casserole!! I'm thinking of making it myself. :)

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