Monday, August 3, 2009

Got A New Camera..

Bought a new camera today. My brother Steven gave me a gift card for Wal Mart. Since my Kodak went bye bye on me I decided to buy a new camera. I'm going to try it out tomorrow in the daylight to see what kind of pictures it takes outdoors. I needed a new camera since mine broke and I have a concert coming up in STL in three weeks. I'm also going visit Sarah at her new house next week, so gotta have some pictures taken there. :)
I'm excited for her. I'm glad she is closer to her family. :)
I will see her often. That will not change.

Will see if the camera is a keeper. If it does not take decent outdoor photos I will take it back & find something else.

Anyway, working on fixing my page up a bit. Going to be a hot week. Hopefully it won't be real hot by the time the 23rd rolls around. Can't believe summer will be over soon..

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