Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Carnival Of Madness Kick Off 7/31/12

Sorry about my lack of posts, had internet problems for the last couple of months. Been hard for me to be online much. Anyway, I went to the Carnival Of Madness tour kick off in Springfield, IL. Most of my pictures are of the lead singers, since they were in the best lighting. It was a great time, well, for the most part. I'll get to that in a bit. New Medicine's Jake - Second time seeing New Medicine, I like some of their tunes. I think they have some good live energy. This was my first time seeing Cavo live, I thought they did a great performance. Good energy as well. Next was Halestorm. 3rd Halestorm show for me. Good set, good time. Some shots of Lzzy & Arejay to share. During 'It's not you' I was rockin' out and all of a sudden I felt someone put there arms around my waist.. turned out to be this drunk, well I turned around and yelled at him to keep his hands to himself and don't touch me. I had to tell him twice and I think I scared him.. He was like "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I don't care if you are drunk or not, you just don't go putting your arms around someone you don't know like that. Anyway, I wasn't gonna let that ruin my night. It did upset me though. Chevelle!!! my 4th Chevelle show..Goodness I love their live shows. :) Been a fan since 2002. Yeah, I may have not been to a lot of their shows, but it doesn't make me any less of a fan than you. Evanesence. These are all shots of Amy Lee since she was the one I could get the best shots of. Setlist: What You Want, Going Under, The Other Side, Weight of the World, Made of Stone, Lithium, Lost in Paradise, My Heart Is Broken, Sick, The Change, Whisper, Oceans, Call Me When You're Sober, Imaginary, Bring Me To Life...Encore: Disappear, Swimming Home, My Immortal. Got to meet Amy Lee after the show. Unfortunately her bodyguard said she is only signing autographs tonight, no pictures. Which I though wasn't right, but I guess that's what happens sometimes with famous bands. I felt disappointed. She signed my EV fan club t shirt and all three albums.

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