Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 18

Day 18: Only missed one day of a workout because of Issac’s all day rain event. Did 40 minutes of walking with weights and 5 minutes of swinging on the swings. Still not craving any sweets.. I think I am doing pretty good about it. Haven’t really eaten much sweets the last year or so. Here and there I would. But this time I cut them out for good at least ‘til I get to my goal weight.. which will be another 25 pounds.. then after I get there, once and a while I will eat some sweets, not too much. The only sugary things I am eating are fruit and well, the natural sugar that comes in our every day foods like Oatmeal, fruit etc. Goal was to lose 9 pounds in the one month period. Last time I weighed in, I lost 4 pounds so far.Hopefully I can lose those other 5 within the next two weeks, then I will have 20 pounds ‘to go til my real goal weight. I will weigh in, in 10 days then again 4 days after that, let’s hope for those good results!

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