Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just in the process of wrapping a Christmas gift. I only bought two Christmas gifts so far. The day after Thanksgiving is when I will get most of my Christmas shopping done. Less than two weeks away till Thanksgiving already!
I plan on doing a bit of baking around Thanksgiving & Christmas. Not much baking though. :D
On the news they said, that putting stuffing inside the Turkey can cause salmonella, I have never heard of that before. We usually just cook the stuffing separately anyway.
So, we are going up to Naperville next month, most likely we are going to visit Grandma H since her birthday is around the time we are going up there. We will only be 16 miles away. :)
I am excited, I may bake something to bring up there for her birthday.
We are supposed to get snow showers today. We aren't supposed to get any accumulation, just a light dusting.
Well, I guess I better stop posting here since, I have wrap up the rest of this gift & go out in a little bit.
Have a great day all!

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